London Underground and other transport pictures
by Colin Rosenstiel

Copyright © Colin Rosenstiel 2001-12.
Isle of Wight Flying Scotsman Bodmin & Wenford Railway Underground trip 1970 Jubilee Line at Stratford Croydon Tramlink
Barrington Light Railway with CURC c2c East Ham depot with CURC Mid-Norfolk in 1969 WAGN's Cambridge-Ely picture train
East Anglia Transport Museum One Railway Norwich main line Hull Trains at Cambridge Blackpool trams A last trip to North Woolwich
Last day of the London Underground at Shoreditch Visits to St Pancras International just before the opening Miscellaneous and some buses

District Line R stock

Unique R49 driving motor car at Earls Court
Unique West-facing driving motor car 21146 waiting to depart from platform 4 at Earls Court for Olympia in the late 1970s.

District Line Q stock

in its final months of service, on the East London line in 1971

A stock at New Cross in 2000
Last day of Shoreditch station, 9 June 2006
Q23 driving motor car at New Cross

Q23 (originally G Class) driving motor car no. 4184 at New Cross.

Q27 driving motor car at Shoreditch

Q27 (originally K Class) stock driving motor car at Shoreditch awaiting departure for New Cross.

Q31 (originally L Class) stock trailer car no. 08808 waiting at New Cross. The adjacent Q38 trailer car no. 013156 illustrates the out of use driver's door in every such trailer.

Q31 stock trailer car at New Cross

Q38 stock driving motor car no. 4404 at New Cross about to leave for Shoreditch.

Q38 driving motor car at New Cross